Pagelines platform vs thesis

Thesis 2 is incredibly powerful and as a dev coding boxes to arm users with what will become the largest array of website features ranging from sliders, carousels, custom excerpt lengths, various menu systems, the query box to pull whatever posts you need the list is as long as peoples imagination.

Ironically, my coding became good enough from figuring out T2 that I no longer need it as a framework. Genesis comparisons, and nice post Jean. But fair and balanced. Would I have to pay more for adding such features on to a template. Each box can be made to be used for a very specific purpose or for multiple uses with a few options.

Woo themes, theme forest make great looking themes, but efficient, not in the slightest. I have tried Headway before, the builder is really neat. One thing no one has addressed here from what I can tell is…. In Genesis, a 2 column site and responsive is 2 or 3 mouse clicks. Lyn Leon January 30, at I tried to search Studiopress.

I would actually like to see a comparison of Headway and Thesis 2. Does Thesis drag their feet on their promises. Studio Press need open the door to different child theme designer, is oka for micro niche.

Jean Galea April 15, at This allows me to build a new website in approx half the time and get exactly what I want for my clients, usually the designs being based upon a supplied photoshop file.

One thing that intrigues me. I think there are many more good things about Genesis beside their price plans.

WP the for offline consulting: PageLines PlattformPro vs. Thesis vs. Genesis

What makes boxes powerful is the precision they provide. Jean Galea December 31, at Most pre fabricated themes such as themeforest are way to heavy in terms of the load it adds to the server.

The support from the genesis community is amazing with useful tips always at hand. Someone may need a certain function, I can package that in a box, release it and many people can use it, as time goes by users ask for extra features, so I can add them also so developers enjoy coding stuff and the average user reaps the benefits of that.

Its super efficient, even when it looks like a lot is going on on the front end, its driven by efficiently and the next release 2. The new drag and drop system for Thesis blows Genesis out of the way. And being WordPress, with the yoast seo add-on and my interest in Google, these sites tend to get more traffic too which clients certainly appreciate.

They really should drop the price and just sell what they have. Chris Langille January 1, at I also have written a tutorial about this in my blog.

December 30, at Would I actually be able to utilize these professional features enough to justify the expense. I found their drag-and-drop interface sleek looking, but non-intuitive when you went to use it. I do agree that there are many developers offering Thesis themes nowadays, so in that sense Thesis comes closer, but I prefer having the themes being officially approved and curated as happens with Genesis.

One thing worth mentioning about Thesis 2. Thesis has a built in ratio that automatically formats your fonts with the mathematically correct typography.

The principal is the same, the box contains code, code that has been developed for certain purposes. I looked, and well, Thesis does have a pretty interface to lots of Google fonts, just as loads of themes do now.

Thesis 2 is still relatively new, bugs and user feedback is being listened to and changes made to accommodate user concerns. Chris Langille December 31, at Since then I have received countless emails saying they get it now, they understand it and can see what its all about.

Tried thesis for a few sites and really hated the experience. But I have to ask, about the comment with drag and drop and being amateur, whats the difference between inserting code directly to a template and via the thesis drag and drop. May 01,  · Is PageLines' "Platform" WordPress theme framework a viable alternative to Thesis, Genesis, Headway, et.

al.? It looks pretty slick, but I don’t like their licensing — it seems a little restrictive (and expensive) compared to the competition. #consulting #genesis #offline #pagelines #plattformpro #thesis xtrapunch 7 years ago Be warned that you will have to customize the framework to suit your needs or it.

Thesis, on the other hand, is a bit different with regards to pricing. For $87 you get the basic Thesis theme plus one year of upgrades, while. PageLines vs. PlatformPro. All.

Platform is the hardest name to Google you’ve ever seen. Tomas Westerholm says: January 9, at am After entering the redeem code into PayPal, it jammed showing an empty white box and greyed out Pay Now button. Could not buy. Các thành viên khi post bài chú ý nếu nội dung sai khu vực quy định sẻ bị ban nick và xóa tất cả những bài của acc vi phạp ngay lập tức (Không có việc cáo kiện gì ở đây nhé).

WordPress theme frameworks tend to fall into two main categories. Firstly, you have in-house frameworks that have been built for use by a specific theme shop. TeslaThemes is a good example of this.

pagelines platform vs thesis Pagelines platform vs thesis
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